1. Area of application
Ibiza Boat Rental performs its services based on the following general terms and conditions. By using the services offered by Ibiza Boat Rental, the user agrees to adhere to these terms and conditions. Ibiza Boat Rental is entitled to make changes or improvements to the terms and conditions at any time with immediate effect. If the user accesses third parties through the services of Ibiza Boat Rental, the use of a third-party service may be subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant third party.

2. Bookings:
The reservation of a vessel only becomes effective upon receipt of 50% of the total rental price. The remaining 50% is to be paid before boarding.

3. Payment Methods:
Payments made directly through Ibiza Boat Rental automatically default to the following payment method;
 Paypal
If you prefer to pay via another payment method we can also accept the following payment formats:
 Credit/Debit card: Visa, Master Card, AMEX (3.5% extra charge on all AMEX transactions)
 Direct Bank Transfer

4. Legalities:
We only work with vessel owners who comply with all necessary terms of any coastal/island destination touristic rental of their particular type of vessel, be that bareboat or crewed; Such as a full rental license, insurance, civil liability insurance and fully up-to-date taxes. Ibiza Boat Rental also states that all listed boat owners ensure their vessel has comprehensive safety equipment and where applicable trained and qualified crew members.

Although Ibiza Boat Rental takes all necessary precautions to ensure the above is adhered to at all times, it is the boat owner’s responsibility to maintain and keep their vessel up to standard. Ibiza Boat Rental does not take any responsibility for any legal incidents or instances that may occur during a charter or any other instances involving a vessel listed on Ibiza Boat Rental’s website.

The moorings of the vessels listed on Ibiza Boat Rental are determined by the vessel owner, we are not responsible in any way for the mooring location and or any activities that take place where the moorings are concerned.

5. Fuel:
As Specified Fuel is not included in the rental price. You can find the average Liters per hour used by each vessel within its content page, you will be reminded of this recorded average consumption prior to departure. Fuel payment is made on return depending on the number of hours of navigation measured with an hour meter. You may choose to buy fuel at the petrol station. Please advise our staff of this preference on booking. If refueling at the petrol station you will be required to return to port by 19.00 as the petrol station closes at 20.00.

6. Mooring Charges:
The location of each vessel is given on each vessels individual content page (Port), mooring costs are included in the price. Moorings outside the base port are not included in the price and will be subject to an extra charge.

7. Departure and Return Times:
Your booking confirmation will specify your exact meeting point prior to your departure, this will be in the port where the vessel is located shown in your booking confirmation.
The departure time is at the customer’s convenience. To ensure safety you must return before nightfall. As each booking is for a time period up to a maximum of 8 hours determined by the client’s preferences we recommend you depart no later than 13:30pm.
You must specify your departure time no less than 24 hours prior to the day of your booking.

8. State of the vessels:
All boats are new or nearly new and in perfect mechanical and cosmetic condition. Our maintenance team is present seven (7) days a week during the season.

9. Complimentary inclusions:
Most of the boat charters provide complimentary water, juices, soft drinks, beer, ice and freshly laundered towels, this is confirmed on each boats content page. You can add optional drinks to your booking during the online booking stages or if you wish to add at a later stage feel free to contact us. Your attendant will prepare and serve drinks and aperitifs, nuts and snacks. Lunch on board can be arranged with prior notice and will incur an extra charge. Please discuss the options available with our staff.

10. Restaurant Reservations:
Ask our staff to arrange table reservations on your behalf. The crew will remain on board to look after your belongings and the vessel.

11. Skipperless vessels:
When chartering a vessel and opting for no skipper it is essential an “international boating license” is presented on the day of your charter, if you fail to provide an original up to date license on the day the charter can not go ahead and you will lose your 50% booking fee.

12. VERY IMPORTANT – Maximum Capacities:
In Spain the maximum capacity on board a boat or yacht, whatever its length, is:
— 12 people maximum including the captain.
— On a yacht 12 people maximum +crew if the license permits.

Groups of 13 or more:
Several options are available to accommodate larger groups. The simplest being add another boat to your vessel of choice, this can be done during the booking stages from every boat listed on Ibiza Boat Rental, we have specified the most cost effective way of increasing your capacity with one of our water sports boats although any two vessels listed can be chartered if preferred, please enquire for more details.

13. Privacy Policy
Any personal data of the user raised from Ibiza Boat Rental within the use of the services of Ibiza Boat Rental are used by Ibiza Boat Rental in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements of data protection.
The user agrees that Ibiza Boat Rental is entitled to collect, process, and utilize the users information and related data if this is required for the recognition, limitation and removal of defects and errors in the server installations as well as for infringements of these terms and conditions.
Ibiza Boat Rental may transmit the necessary accounting information of the user to other service providers and third parties, as far as it is required for the determination of fees or necessary for the completion of an invoice.
Ibiza Boat Rental won’t process, use or transfer personal data of the user without the user’s express consent. Ibiza Boat Rental grants the user information free of charge and promptly on stored data that concerns that person in accordance with the applicable requirements of data protection.